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Hypnotherapy is incredibly effective and powerful.  By working on a subconcious level to untangle and resolve issues, you can create the change you are looking for.

Your emotional wellbeing really matters to your overall health and happiness and by harnessing the power of your mind, we are able to create extraordinary outcomes.

By using hypnotherapy we are able to work at a safe and comfortable level to allow you to get the result you are looking for, often exceeding expectation.

You remain in control at all times and can be confident that I am committed to ensuring my clients receive the most highly skilled, professional treatment possible.

For any further information about hypnotherapy or issues treated please call: 07737 778970 or email

  • Hypno birthing

  • IBS

  • Emotional distress

  • Personal development

  • Motivation

  • ME - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Assertiveness training

  • Habit breaking



I am a highly qualified clinical hypnotherapist and mental health specialist with over ten years of experience based in Penryn and Falmouth,  working throughout Cornwall. 

Using my knowledge of a variety of solution focused hypnotherapeutic techniques including psycho-therapeutic and psychoanalytical, cognitive behavioural and psycho-educational, I am able to create each individual treatment plan to ensure the best therapeutic outcome possible.

I treat all my clients with the utmost respect, confidentiality and professionalism.  It is a privilege to enable my clients to find the freedom they seek.  I  recognise that we are all unique and therefore require unique treatment and care.

I am  passionate about hypnosis  and am a leading specialist in cognitive abilities. 

I continually develop my training, keeping up to date with current treatments to create exactly the right tailor made course of treatment for you.

" I have been trying to reach my target weight for 20 years and with your help I finally got there! Thank you." S. weight loss

"Without your help I would not be in the place I am now and for that I am forever grateful" L. depression and anxiety

"Completely amazing." E. phobia

"I never thought that I could feel this happy and confident with who I am - thank you so much!" P. self confidence

"I genuinely wouldn't be where I am now without your help." S. panic attacks


I gained my MSc in Hypnosis in medicine, research and clinical practice at Bournemouth University and my post graduate degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy with the University of West London and the prestigious London College of Clinical Hypnosis. My two undergraduate degrees were completed at University College London and Plymouth University.  

I am continuing my research and professional development in neuropsychology and cognitive processes with Bournemouth University and The Royal Society of Medicine and have worked for several years with the University of Falmouth and University of Exeter as a mental health specialist working one to one with individual students.

I abide by the codes of practise and ethics of both the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and of the Complementary Natural Healthcare Council of whom I am member.


Anxiety and panic attacks

Stop Smoking

Anxiety and panic attacks
Stop smoking

We all experience anxiety at some point in our lives and this can range from mild worrying or fear to full scale panic attacks. Anxiety and fear are very natural emotional states especially around stressful events or decisions and normally these anxious feelings stop after the event but sometimes these natural processes become maladaptive and it can feel as if they are  controlling our lives.

Rebecca specializes in anxiety issues and  panic attacks and uses neuroscientific research combined with therapeutic expertise to reduce these feelings to a more comfortable level of control and calm so you are able to perceive and cope with any situation in a much healthier way.

Smoking can for many seem to be a difficult habit to successfully break.  Despite the obvious health benefits of stopping smoking - easier breathing, younger looking skin, reduction in stress levels, white teeth - some smokers find it hard to stop, even when they are desperate.

Rebecca has an excellent success rate working with clients who are 100% committed to leaving their smoking habit behind - keen to live a happier and healthier life free from cigarettes.

Usually most clients are able to give up this life-threatening habit after one 2 hour session however if a further top up session is require that will be at no extra cost.

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Self esteem and confidence

Self esteemd confidence

Phobias are an expression of the emotion of fear which has become out of balance.  They can be caused by several different situations and can vary in development or trigger.  For many, phobias can have a restrictive impact on their life and can worsen over time, which often has significant implications on functional life.

Hypnotherapy can gently change the neurological response to the trigger situation which in turn changes the emotional and behavioral response allowing you to be free from  the phobia.

Sometimes we all feel that our confidence could do with a boost or that our self esteem has taken a knock.  This could be as a result of recent events or situations or perhaps it may have slightly deeper roots.

Whatever the reason there are times when we may need a little help regaining our self confidence and self esteem even if it may feel like you didn't have much to start with.

By working at a subconscious level hypnotherapy creates positive and long-lasting beneficial change to our self worth and self belief.

Weight loss
Stress management

Weight loss

Stress management

Most of us have at some point attempted to lose weight and get fit and healthy and for some this can feel like a losing battle.  Weight related health problems are on the increase and can also impact our mental well being.

Effective weight control doesn't just involve dieting - it involves a permanent and healthy change to eating habits and lifestyle.  By changing our relationship to food we can avoid using it as an emotional reward or snack habit and fully reap the benefits of the nutrients, vitamins and energy gained through healthy eating habits.  You can enjoy the feeling of achieving your weight loss goal with an increased zest for living and a large smile on your face.

Stress can significantly impact all aspects of our life and can seriously affect our physical and mental well being.  Although stress is a natural response, if it becomes unbalanced the long term effects of stress can be damaging to our minds and bodies.  We have many modern life stressors - work, finances, moving house, bereavement - sometimes just juggling our everyday life,  but it is possible to learn and use strategies and techniques to enable you to cope more effectively in a healthy and beneficial way.

Using a personalized treatment plan incorporating hypnotherapy, cognitive behavior hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, Rebecca tailors your sessions uniquely to you so that you are able to harness the positive energy created which will be employed to your benefit.

Stress and anxiety management courses

Stress and anxiety can have an extremely significant effect on our lives - impacting our work, health, social life and relationships.  Approximately 39% of work related illnesses are attributed to stress, depression and anxiety.  Stress is a natural protective mechanism that aided survival for our ancestors by preparing the body for immediate action in the face of danger.  These days the majority of our stress occurs at a psychological level.  If we do not harness the natural threat response, this can result in damage to our physical and mental health particularly when under long term stress.  

By working in small groups within businesses and organisations Rebecca can deliver tailored stress management courses in the workplace teaching strategies and techniques to harness and manage our stress responses.  This allows each individual to work in a healthy, more beneficial work style which ultimately is a positive attribute to any company or group.

Stress and anxiety managment courses



Please call or email to book an appointment or for any further information.  

  • Most sessions and last approx an hour.  Sessions cost £65.

  • 'Stop Smoking' usually takes one session lasting between 1½ and 2 hours and costs £165 


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